Gabrielle Union ‘gets’ Rihanna’s Man Down video
June 08, 2011

So while the Parents Council in the US have come out against Rihanna and her new music video “Man Down”, in which she is seen to shoot her apparent rapist, someone who ‘gets’ Rihanna’s video is actress Gabrielle Union. Union, famous for her role in Bad Boys, was raped when she was 19 by an unknown robber. He raped her while robbing the shop she used to work in.


TMZ is reporting that yesterday, the star posted a series of tweets on Twitter saying she tried to shoot her rapist during her rape trial, “During my rape I tried 2 shoot my rapist, bt I missed. Over the yrs I realized tht killin my rapist would’ve added insult 2 injury.” She then said while it would’ve given her peace of mind at that very moment, it would’ve caused a lot of misery and woes in her life had she done that, “The DESIRE 2 kill someone whose abused/raped u is understandable, bt unless its self defense n the moment 2 save ur life, just ADDS 2 ur troubles #mandown”.

“#mandown video did a GREAT job of getting the ENTIRE world TALKING abt RAPE. I hope tht it leads 2 HEALING & PREVENTS RAPE”. Indeed it has. The video as been viewed over 12 million times despite the outcry from the likes of the Parents Council.

So what do you think about this video, as a woman? As a man?  Share your thoughts with us.

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