All the MVA nominees


See who has cracked this list for this year’s Channel O Music Video Awards.

See who has cracked the list for this year’s Channel O Music Video Awards.

1. D’Banj ft. Snoop Dogg- Mr Endowed (Remix)
2. Professor ft. Speedy- Lento
3. Navio- Keep Moving
4. Cabo Snoop- Windeck
5. Zakes Bantwini- Wasting My Time

1. Waje ft. Muna- So Inspired
2. Lizha James- Gotta Move On
3. STL- Lookie Lookie
4. Lira- Phakade
5. Tiwa Savage- Kele Kele

1. Wizkid- Holla @ Your Boy
2. Keiko- How We Do
3. AKA- Victory Lap
4. Ice Prince/ Brymo- Oleku
5. Zone Fam- Shaka Zulu On Em
6. Kwesta- Take That

1. HHP, Teargas & Liquideep- Born For This
2. Samklef ft. Wizkid, D’Prince & Ice Prince- Molowo Noni
3. Slikour ft. Various Artists- Dubala (Remix)
4. Ay ft. Ms Triniti- Good Look
5. Jozi- Electric Avenue
6. Paul G ft. Akon- Bang It

1. Oskido presents Black Motion/ Jah Rich- Banane Mavoko
2. STL- Lookie Lookie
3. DJ Cleo- Bhampa Side To Side
4. Darey- Ba Ni Ki Di
5. Black Coffee ft. Hugh Masekela
6. Lizha James- Gotta Move On

1. Samini- Dadiekye
2. Wyre/ Cecile- She Say Dat
3. Black Dillinger- Volcano Erupt
4. Nazizi- Take The People Away

1. Theo- Ukhona
2. J-Martins ft. Fally Ipupa- Jukpa (Remix)
3. Shaa- Crazy
4. Jaziel Brothers- Woza
5. Flavour- Nwa Baby (Remix)

1. Brickz ft. Various Artists
2. The Dogg- This Is My Time
3. Howza- Hustler
4. Professor ft. Speedy- Lento

1. Jamali- Incurable
2. G2 ft. Trez Agah
3. Loyiso ft. Khuli Chana- World Of Mine
4. Banky W. ft. M.I.- Feeling It
5. Leanne- Deal With It

1. Jesse Jagz ft. M.I. & Ice Prince- Nobody Test Me
2. ProVerb ft. Lungelo- The Beginning
3. Navio- Keep Moving
4. Collo- Chini Ya Maji
5. AKA- Victory Lap

1. Liquideep- Settle For Less
2. Cabo Snoop- Windeck
3. Khuli Chana- No More Hunger
4. C.R.I.S.I.S- The Fire Inside
5. L-Tido ft. K.O- We Rolling

1. Naeto C- 10 OVER 10
2. Flavour- Nwa Baby (Remix)
3. D-Black ft. Dr. Cryme- Get On The Dance Floor
4. Asa- Why Can’t We
5. 2 Face- Only Me

1. P- Unit/ Mimmo- Kare (Acoustic version)
2. Jaguar- Kigeugeu
3. Ay ft. Ms Triniti- Good Luck
4. Radio and Weseal, Keko- How We Do It (Remix)
5. Cpwaa ft. Various Artists- Action

1. Khuli Chana- No More Hunger
2. Samklef ft. Wizkid, D’Prince & Ice Prince- Molowo Noni
3. Zakes Bantwini- Wasting My Time
4. STL- Lookie Lookie
5. D’Banj ft. Snoop Dogg- Mr. Endowed (Remix)
6. AKA- Victory Lap
7. 2 Face- Only You
8. Liquideep- Settle For Less
9. Navio- Keep Moving
10. Lira- Phakade


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