Spotlight on Naeto C


We put the spotlight on Most Gifted African West nominee Naeto C.

“Naeto C” was born in Texas, and spent his earlier years growing up in England and Nigeria within a household hugely influenced by music. His likeness for music grew fast and was articulated into other creative art forms, most specifically poetry, which took him to various competitions and earned him accolades as a young poet during his earlier years. While studying in the States, he formed the World Famous Akademy record label with Uzikwendu and friend Ikechukwu – and before graduating with a BSc.


Biology he had recorded over 40 songs solo and about 25 with the World Famous Akademy as a group. Over the past few years Naeto C has furthered his studies and his music career, achieving a chart toppers with the singles ‘Sitting on Top’ and ‘You Know My P’ and producing and writing for a host of other artists. He went on to record his third single “Kini Big Deal”, which proved to be a club banger throughout the continent.


He has also done some major collabos with big Hip-Hop stars including Sway, HHP as well as an All Star Africa collabo for the tune “All around the A” – which features HHP, Proverb, Zeus, Nazizi and Tamarasha to mention a few. Naeto is currently finishing off his Master’s Degree in Oil & Gas at the University of Dundee while recording material for his much anticipated next album titled Super C Season.


Naeto C online:
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Twitter: @NaetoC

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