Lulu Dikana: Any moment now for “This is the Life”¯
December 06, 2011

South African soul-singer,Lulu Dikana, of the Life and Death song fame, says that her sophomore album is ready for release and that her fans should look forward to it coming out before the end of the year, three years after her last release, “I was taking a break, I don’t believe in releasing every year. I think you need to take time inbetween albums, more importantly you should’nt push to go to studio or else you will produce something with no substance” explains the songbird. had a brief chat with the singer, whose first single also titled This is the Life has been securing No 1 on a local radio station ‘s TOP 40 Chart. Dikana who has been lying low since her debut says that this time around fans should brace themselves for a fresh and soulful album of international standards. She also tipped us to be shooting a couple of music videos soon.

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