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Our Channel O Africa VJ, Jokate, gives us an exclusive look at her new fashion label!

Channel O Africa’s Tanzanian VJ, Jokate Mwegelo, is on the brink of launching her brainchild, a fashion label called KidOti. She has given channelo.tv the first look at her teams designs!

“This is my trap, I beez there……..

Channel O, y’all are very lucky as I haven’t officially launched the KidOti fashion brand and have declined all formal interviews to speak about the brand.

So this is more like a sneak-peak of what the KidOti team has been up to, from early this year to now – with some never seen before pictures…

For Africa and my beautiful hometown Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania, KidOti is a reflection of my image and personality – which I believe to be playful, bold, unapologetic of my talents and the desire to follow them. Daring, edgy, confident, sexy and intelligent! It also resonates with the characters of many females and males who just want to be set apart and are daring enough to want to achieve something new – untraveled waters… You will see much of these characters in the clothes that range from tops, t-shirts, pants, jackets, dresses, suits to accessories.

Kidoti is not finitely about clothes and fashion but a movement with a vision of becoming a lifestyle brand, empowering my generational members in the process. Yes, it sets to inspire young people in Tanzania and Africa as a whole to dream BIG and be that change we envision in our societies……

It is embodied in the tag line – Define your Beauty (‘ainisha urembo wako” in Swahili). It sets to evoke a movement where anyone who wears the brand does it with a conscious mind.

As we have just embarked on this journey, we are proud to have worked closely with Tanzania’s hot music artist currently, DiamondPlatnumz. We’ve dressed him for the Tanzania Music Awards and for a couple of his concerts.

Plus Flavia, a fellow Channel O Africa VJ from Uganda, whom we dressed for her Big Brother StarGame launch hosting-gig.

We haven’t taken up on a lot as we are still finding our footing but we are definitely bound to take over Africa and the world.

That is all I can really say for now but to get updates kindly like our Facebook page or follow me on Twitter @JokateM to find out when we will be officially launching the brand and getting in haaaarrddddd…

Karibu, be a part of our subtle works…”

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