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On Featuring we play all the hit music videos from British singer, Estelle.

The singer recently released her second studio album, All Of me.

“Estelle’s latest album All of Me is a pleasant surprise even though not completely removed from her signature sounds and beats. She still showcases the R&B and neo-soul scene, which continues to push through the rap and hip-hop mania of 2012. Those who remain true to her music will tell you that waiting for the album was well worth it. Everybody remembers American Boy, which featured spoiled rapper cum aspiring designer Kanye West. Even though she’d been on the scene for some time before then, it was Ye who helped catapult her to heavyweight status.

All of Me is a musical illustration of how she has gained more confidence in her performance as a whole – be it rapping or singing. On Break My Heart she is assisted by Rick Ross as the featured artist on the track. The album starts off on a dance/club anthem sound all about superstardom and fame, with The Life and International, the latter featuring Chris Brown and Trey Songz. She steadily eases the listener back into a retro-soul vibe on Love the Way We Used To, and then there are some short skits – light-hearted and unobtrusive – that highlight her funky vibe. The skits also seem to stitch together the themes of love, fame and ambition that are present throughout the album. They are a refreshing way of discussing the themes she’s chosen to sing about.

The blazing start to the album is somewhat misleading, but she saves herself and the album when she mellows down into her familiar soulful R&B sounds. She shines the brightest on Thank You, possibly the best and most straightforward ballad on the album. Dineo also has a cameo role on the music video. Overall, even though the album may not be likeable, it is definitely listenable as she gives a taste of what she could have dished out on the entire album which may tend to put some real music lovers off. Yet with the current trend of musicians pushing the boundaries by exploring and crossing over to new genres, one can hardly blame her. She’s definitely felt the pressure, but All of Me shows that the music is still as good as Estelle can give it.”

Review by Tumelo Tladi.

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