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The lines are open until July 29.

By DStv online.

The voting lines for the female contestants of Idols SA will be open for 24 hours until Monday, 23 July at 17:30 and on Sunday, 29 July at 17:30 we will find out who the five girls and five guys are that received the most votes. They will be this season’s Idols Top 10.

The first singer to show off her talent at the newly-built Soweto Theatre was was Sihle Ndaba (22) from Ermelo, singing Katy Perry’s megahit, Firework. “The thing about a Katy Perry song is it’s always got to be a bit edgy, and you only got your teeth into it when you got to the chorus,” Gareth complained. Unathi agreed with Gareth but “I think it was just a mic technique thing”, she said. “But I think you have the makings of being an incredible pop star,” she added. Randall lectured that “you have to get the song right from the beginning – you can’t get people interested in you only after thirty seconds.
To vote for Sihle text the number 10 to 37400, or vote online or on MXit.

Tshidi Tenyane (28) from Thokoza channeled Jennifer Hudson’s Oscar-winning performance in the movie Dreamgirls with the showstopper, And I’m Telling You, reducing the Soweto Theatre audience to floods of tears. “You have the fury of a tornado and you’ve got talent and you are so strong!” Gareth raved. “But if you want to make it here, just remember you also have to have a funkiness. And you can!” Unathi said Tshidi just reminded everyone that this is a competition! “You gave us the emotion that was needed and it was perfect,” she said. But Randall summed it up neatly. “Big song. Big performance. Big votes,” was all he said.
To vote for Tshidi text the number 11 to 37400, or vote online or on MXit.

Maryke Buffel (22) from Paarl went back to the classics for her first impression on the voters: Aretha Franklin’s Rock Steady. “You did that song real justice,” Gareth said, “but I don’t know if it’s going to get you a lot of votes.” But Unathi said Maryke can “speak to her people directly” on social networking to explain the song, and she thought Maryke reminded her of Beyoncé. “You were just so fierce!” she said. But Randall also thought Rock Steady was a great song, “but a bad song choice”.
To vote for Maryke text the number 12 to 37400, or vote online or on MXit.

Thabisa “Thabz” Mhlakulwana (29) from Port Elizabeth chose a modern South African classic, Zahara’s SAMA-winning Loliwe. “That was the perfect recipe for this stage of the competition,” Gareth praised. “I imagine you’re going to get a lot of votes for that.” Unathi thought choosing the biggest song South Africa had seen in years was “so fearless”, but Randall thought Thabz’s dancing distracted from the song.
To vote for Thabz text the number 13 to 37400, or vote online or on MXit.

Chloe Kiley (23) from Cape Town’s first song for the voting public was Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. “The boys are in a lot of trouble!” Gareth predicted. “You were fresh and full of attitude and I love it!” “You know it’s a marathon and you know exactly how to pace yourself,” Unathi praised. But Randall, typically, only thought it was good enough to get Chloe through to the next round.
To vote for Chloe text the number 14 to 37400, or vote online or on MXit.

Shekhinah “Sheki” Donnell (17) from Durban also chose a Katy Perry song to make a first impression with: Thinking Of You. “There’s something very special happening here, “Gareth said sentimentally. “We’re watching you grow up on TV.” Unathi thinks Sheki has been the smartest of everybody in her song choices, which she thinks is good because “pop is an encompassing genre”. But unfortunately Randall thought Sheki’s performance never really took off.
To vote for Sheki text the number 15 to 37400, or vote online or on MXit.

Nosipho Mngomezulu (21) from Brakpan also went with the Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin: her classic anthem R-E-S-P-E-C-T. “There was a whole lot of good in that,” said Gareth encouragingly, but he was just worried because that particular song had been covered so many times. But Unathi disagreed. “We have heard it so many times,” she said, “ but I’ve never seen it performed as you performed it! I loved it!” Randall thought it was a really good television performance and would probably get Nosipho a lot of votes, “but I would not go back to 1967 again, if I were you,” he warned.
To vote for Nosipho text the number 16 to 37400, or vote online or on MXit.

Melissa Alison (23) from Port Elizabeth chose to make her first impression with Jesse J’s Domino. Gareth thought it was a very good song choice and that Melissa started very well, but that she lost focus. “I think it is good enough to get you into the Top 10,” said Unathi. Randall admitted that it’s very difficult to learn how to concentrate on your singing when you’re performing. “If you make it through, one side of your brain has to think about your performance and another side of your singing,” he cautioned.
To vote for Melissa text the number 17 to 37400, or vote online or on MXit.

And Candy Mosoma (29) from Pretoria closed the show with Lady Gaga’s Edge Of Glory. Gareth thought it was a good song choice but Candy’s performance was “sterile”. “I love the fact that you know how to command the stage,” said Unathi. She thought Candy’s extensive stage experience will be very helpful. “I think it was good. I think you can be a lot better,” was all Randall had to say.
To vote for Candy text the number 18 to 37400, or vote online or on MXit.

The voting lines to vote for the girls opened at the start of Sunday night’s show and will close on Monday, 23 July. The results for both the girls’ and the guys’ groups will be announced in a spectacular 90-minute live show from the Soweto Theatre on Sunday, 29 July, with special guest stars Zahara, Arno Carstens and Zakes Bantwini, and the eight contestants with the fewest votes will be sent home.

There are three ways to vote:
• SMS the unique number of your Idol to 37400 (R1.50 per SMS – VAS rates apply). You may vote 100 times during the voting period.
• On (mobile or web) – click on the vote link and follow the instructions. One vote per hour is allowed on this free platform.
• Via Mxit: download the Mxit app to your phone and then go to TradePost -> Entertainment -> M-Net . Votes cost 20 moola per vote and 100 votes per voting period are allowed.

Updates and further information can be found on the official Idols Facebook page at “Idols South Africa”, on Twitter @IdolsSA and on the official Idols Season 8 website.

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