VJ Blog: Starring a star!
July 19, 2012

Channel O Africa’s Flavia blogs about the upcoming Ugandan movie production The Life, starring dance-hall star, Vamposs.

I was reading an article the other day, about the best and worst music-to-movie crossovers. They were highlighting the top artists today, who crossed over into film. Some broke box office while others brutally failed.

In Uganda the latest and most anticipated film, The Life; a movie about betrayal and devastation that occurs in friendships within the Ugandan music industry, the director, Nana Kagga (who is a star herself after appearing in series like CSI New York), opted for Ugandan dance-hall star Vamposs to play Smokey – a sort of mirror of an upcoming artist who tries to come up in the industry with a friend who ultimately betrays him.

I was really interested about Vamposs turning actor and I had a chat with him, he said acting is something he has always had interest in especially after a visit to Hollywood where he was exposed to movie sets and thought to himself: “one day I should be part of this”. He learnt from this experience that his skill in acting was the use of his eyes, they say more than words can. And that for the fact that a movie takes long to get finalized he believes he would not easily trade his music for it, but try it once in a while.

He is currently working on the Kirya Project which features his brothers (one of whom is Maurice Kirya who featured on Volt last week).

The Life, a Ugandan production is set for release this December and is much anticipated. Peep the trailer here…

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