Album review: Perfectly Imperfect

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Heavy with emotion, sexy, playful, funny, revealing and honest. Elle Varner is accountable to be great and do great things indeed.

If Perfectly Imperfect, the debut album of the eclectic and talented newcomer Elle Varner is anything to go by, this rising star and singer-songwriter, is in the business of penning and belting catchy woman-anthems.

Kick-starting with the playful and the only feature ( or collaboration) Only Wanna Give It To You with J. Cole, the 11 track album is as diverse and representative of the different sides one can find in a woman. Heavy with emotion, sexy, playful, funny, revealing and honest. She sings a mouthful, without sounding boring. It’s no wonder the first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama is said to quote Elle as one of her favorite musicians.

The woman she sings about is a woman you are or growing into, and the woman guys wanna date or are already dating. Women that are imperfect in actions, bodies and their lives, but the clumsiness, makes them perfect and beautiful. Although it makes it a little bit difficult to to believe that she has cellulite or an imperfect body as she sings on the track that is destined to be a girl-power song, So Fly, “When I look down at my thighs, they might as well tape everything I eat to my legs”.

Feeling inlove? Listen to Only Wanna Give It To You, Refill, Sound Proof Room, I Don’t Care and Stop The Clock.

Got a crush? Listen to Not Tonight, Leaf, Damn Good Friends.

Sad? Listen to Welcome Home.

Wanna take the freakin’ dress out? Listen to Oh What A Night, and So Fly.

Makes you look forward to more that this young lady has to offer.

As she writes on her credits, ‘she is accountable to be great and do great things’, and Perfectly Imperfect is no exception.

Perfectly Imperfect Track-list
1. Only Wanna Give It to You ft. J. Cole

2. Refill

3. Sound Proof Room
4. I Don’t Care

5. Not Tonight
6. Leaf
7. Oh What a Night
8. Stop the Clock
9. Welcome Home
10. Damn Good Friends
11. So Fly

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