EXCLUSIVE: Master Ganyani


Legendary deejay Ganyani premieres his latest music video Master Ganyani, this Friday. Ganyani House Grooves 8 is due out soon.

Legendary deejay, Ganyani, premieres his latest music video Master Ganyani, tonight at 6:52pm.

Master Ganyani is a single lifted off his upcoming Ganyani House Grooves 8 due out soon.

The golden-African look vid was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Here’s a sneak peak of the video.

Check out the behind the scenes on V-Entertainment at 6pm tonight and the full video premiere will be on Channel O at 18:52pm and then again at 21:52pm. On Saturday you can catch it at these times 03:04am, 07:37am, 10:12am, 12:53pm, 17:42pm and at 20:04pm. On Sunday at 01:56am, 05:05am, 12:34pm and 17:31pm.

Only on Channel O.

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