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We caught up with one of the new deejays on Channel O Africa’s Bassment. “Being a deejay is the definition of cool!”

In August this year, Channel O Africa revealed the new deejay line-up for Bassment Africa.

Channel O Africa now boasts eight of Africa’s leading deejays Neptune, Xclusive, Black, Mister Deejay, Creme De La Creme, Joe and Caise.

We caught up with Uganda’s DJ Aludah, born James A Mugume, to get to know the self-described ambitious young man who plans to take his country to the world. He’s worked with Ugandan hip-hop group Klear Kut (Navio, J.B., The Mith), as well as Baboon Forest and other well known artists.

How did your journey with turning tables start?
My big bro was a deejay so when I was a little boy, about 13yrs old, I would sneak out and go check him out while he does his thing. He would sometimes let me play one or two songs and that’s where the passion began. So after my high school, I went off to Nairobi and joined the HomeBoyz DJ Academy where I learnt the dj’ing basics, sound engineering and music technology plus a bit of music production. While there, I went to some cool parties where I also got to meet up with some of my favorite DJs and that was the beginning of the Journey!

How has your journey with Channel O Africa been so far?
I’ve got to say, so far, so goooooood. On the day of announcement, I thought my Twitter was gonna blow up. We were welcomed with arms wide open by the Channel O team, the media attention has shot up (I’ve kinda lost the little private life I had). When I travel for gigs in other countries, it’s not just DJ Aludah playing – it’s DJ Aludah from Channel O Bassment. Basically, I’m happy to be affiliated to such a big brand. Big up Channel O..!!

What’s really cool about being a deejay?
The Ladies love me (laughs out loud). Anyways seriously, being a deejay is the definition of cool.

What kind of music/ set do you play?
I am a Jack-of-all-trades and master-of-all, so I play anything given the situation and the crowd!

What else is in store for DJ Aludah?
Taking our African sound global (Uganda in particular), would be my ultimate goal……

What else do you get up to that your fans don’t know?
I am a man that likes my privacy so lets leave them hanging on that note.

Do you have any funny/hilarious stories to share from playing at events/traveling.
Funny stories?! Hmmmm, first I have to say I am not homophobic, but I always find it funny when a guy tries to hit on me.

Check out DJ Aludah and other star deejays DJ Xclusive, Creme De La Creme, Neptune, Black, Joe, Caise, Mister Deejay on Channel O Africa’s Bassment, every evening at 7PM (GH), 8PM (WAT), 9PM (CAT), 10PM (EAT) only on Channel O Africa, channel 320.

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