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  1. Saya sudah undi aim.lcoon99.blogspot.coma2. saya tak buat entri khas. dlm syarat tak ada kan.. apa2pun.. leeza nk wish good luck… moga awk menang. in sha allah sy tolong promote entri nie….3. saya dari santai leeza. hehehe

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  3. Tom,I’m one of the Loves from Lovington, New Mexico. I grew up in So. California though. I have lived also in Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Florida, Hawaii, and now of course — Texas. But I just live here, and this State has very little to do with who I am, and so “Takis” is neither apt or appreciated. Not to suggest that I am deeply offended, but “Takis”… does seem a little smug.

  4. como diz o gaijouma moeda fraca facilitaria as exportações, que sairiam mais baratas para o estrangeiro. Todavia, (…) 75% das exportações portuguesas se dirigiram para a União Europeia e 51% foram absorvidas pela Espanha, a Alemanha e a França (50% em 2011), isto significa que o país se isolaria monetariamente do seu principal mercado.e desvalorização competitiva é outra forma de cortar saláriose muito mais depressabasta ver o index de preços de 1974 1989….ou as notícias de greves pelo aumento de 30 e 20% da massa salarial

  5. pour patienter en attendant 2048, des approches comparatistes dont les voies ont été déjà arpentées mais qui peuvent réserver des surprises: Les écrivains/auteurs qui adoptent légalement des enfants (un souvenir très vague d’avoir lu qu’un écrivain japonais avait de sa prison adopté un homme déjà majeur)les écrivains qui accueillent des enfants devenus orphelins, sans toutefois les adopter légalement.les orphelins dans les oeuvres …

  6. selam arkadaslar yaklasik 1 yildir bende bu hastalikla mucadele ediyorum.bu hastaligi yasamayan bilemez su anladim tek cara guclu olmak mucadele etmek pes etmemek ilac yanlisi deyilim bence pisigola gitmek ben simdi onu ypiyorum 2 defa gittim herkese tavsiye ederim kacmayin..

  7. aniga waxay ila tahay wey ku saxsan yihiin dhamaan dadka muslimiinta ah aadna waan ugu mahadcelinayaa lkn jimcale adiga muslimta rabsada wadayaal waxaasi leedahay nabigii dhamaa ayay aflagaadeeyay markaas leedahay ha la joogiyo rabsada waar wixii gaala ee la arko ha la dilo khuduu xidra kumaad u faraxsanahay nimankasi safarada lagu dilay cidkasta oo sidaasi sameysa hadaa nahay muslimta carabta iyo adinkaba waanu kale dagaalameynaa ascU codee: 5  2

  8. Excellent answer, Binky! What do we have for the winner? A huge bag of wine gums!I love some of the drama, but just am not a big fan of tragedy. His plays were indicative of the age, but I find the modern translations of them lackluster.

  9. Love the post and the pics! There truly is something special about the change of seasons. The anticipation for something new does wonders for the mind and soul. As far as the flowers go, I find that I am recently fond of hibiscus. I’m hoping to add one or two to the patio here shortly.

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  11. Comme le chantait Théo Akola, les filles de gauches sont plus belles.Dans la lignée, Eva Joly, statistiques à l’appui, soulignait le week-end dernier que le peuple de gauche pratique majoritairement le revers à une main (à deux mains, la dépense d’énergie est supérieure, dit-elle) ….

  12. You’re hilarious. I think some awesome person who doesn’t currently have a photo next to their name took that photo. He’s an internationally renowned photographer and videographer. You should see his life-altering footage from inside a hotel bathroom in Jordan.

  13. Oh, darling you are vogue! Getting all the ratty ends off has made it looked so healthy. I generally don’t do anything with my hair, wash it, then when it’s dry in a pony or bun. Totes vogue…Hate the word ‘totes’

  14. Io penso che se Galileo è morto pur di far vincere la scienza, allora la situazione è veramente disperata! Cioè, dobbiamo sempre e per forza fare la figura dei cretini ,continuando ad inventare cavolate a raffica pur di vendere?!?! Comunque, se ci pensiamo bene, sono proprio coloro che vendono questi prodotti a sfruttare l’ignoranza della gente…Povero Galileo! Da lassù starà sicuramente pensando: <> Meno male che resta ancora qualcuno che gli fa onore, secondo me.

  15. Norge:Well, I wasn’t expecting to say this, but I really do agree with you on this one. While I do appreciate Kevin’s point, as a general rule I say STUFF your weaknesses, and blow the world away with your strengths. For YEARS I’ve been near obsessed with my ‘weak’ chest….so much so that I was neglecting my strengths: deadlifts and squats. It’s a principle that applies to all areas of life. Nice example with the appearance issue, made me smile thinking about it. M

  16. Tanstaafl wrote:”DNA is more important thananything else in determininglow-level personality traits.”Yes, yes, YES!I posted a link to the gay, vegetarian, athiestic White Nationalist ‘Stodles’ stuff on youtube before but I thought I’d do it again (because he’s worth a plug, arf arf).But not included in the race & IQ section is one of his best IMO.

  17. Lieber Voss, mein Kommentar bezog sich noch auf Quisa Einwurf jetzt viel weiter oben, als er die Herrmannschen und die Westergaardschen Zeichnungen gleichgesetzt hatte.Viele Grüße , auch viele an Dieterdohmen, der ein kluger Kopf ist

  18. 19fThank you, Robert. As anyone who has read Drake’s stuff, and my stuff, will know, I have nothing in common with Drake’s rhetoric. I also appreciate your finally moderating a comment besides mine. If this site wants to truly be a place of dialogue, it needs to do more than simply moderate those comments which disagree with the position of the blog.

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  20. Posted by on September 19, 2012 at 3:27 pm Hi Donna,what a great fest, love the relaxed atmosphere. It all comes down to the question I usually ask people: Do you live to work or do work to live? Most people realize that they ended up living to work although they might have had different intentions formerly.Thanks for sharing a piece of your neighborhood.Best,OliverOliver Tausend recently posted..

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  22. Nahum Ortiz,Si no me conoces, yo soy un hermano suyo en la fe, no se enoje, y a mi si me gustaria conocerle.usted defiende lo que “Cree” esa es su opinion y la respeto. Eso es libertad.Pero no trate de manipular las escrituras justificando un golpe de estadoy hacer que uno crea por medio de su comentario Que la accion cometida contra un gobierno democratico es legal

  23. 1f7I think I was pretty clear that this was not an issue of faith. Otherwise your statements about “defying” Scripture are absurdist and your understanding of the development and role of monastics in the episcopacy is radically oversimplified. I am not opposed to married Bishops in principle but that would open up a world of problems that the Orthodox Church really doesn’t need – we have enough issues to struggle with already.

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  25. omg !!!!! are you freaking serious….that is beyond infected…and his buddy was no help hes all did you get all of it…it shouldn’t be coming back well at least for me it didn’t come back…ahhhhhh…can’t believe what i heard this is a 5 star and his feet were so nasty including the big hole which will eventually start to rot and will form maggots in it or he could get gain green from that and have to get his foot cut off….thank you very much for the post Imwithu2 smooches hugs and audie bear loves

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  27. Since you are such a genius (and so eloquent), answer this question: If you were moving into a new arena and the entire NYC and NJ press corps was attending a media tour of your new building, would you make sure that you had a warm body present to promote your product?If you don’t agree then you are a numb scull- better yet, your brain is numb. You are CLUELESS about PR, the media and marketing.

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  29. af dicembre 9, 2012 Vero, ma ti assicuro che “Amministrazione Pubblica” non vuol dire sempre lentezza. L’altro giorno ho inviato al protocollo del Comune una richiesta per far alzare un tombino che era sprofondato (era parecchie decine di cm sotto il livello della strada, un pericolo per pedoni e automobilisti), l’ufficio ha impiegato 4 giorni a sistemarlo. Direi che è un tempo più che accettabile. Salvata forma e sostanza Andrea Formenti

  30. Is there something in the works here at HFL for the Strada concept?Personally, I’d rather have a simpler bike. Drawing from the past doesn’t have to be putting drum brakes and such, obviously, but I’d prefer Guzzis with simple rearview mirrors and common shifters/rear brakes. As for the nylon frame, the repair should be the same as the non-steel ones: scrap it. Its stiffness seems to be the real issue.On the whole, the details are nice. It’s a pity none of those looks a little more like the MGS-01 or have a half fairing.

  31. Hi Andy,Just curious – are you planning to post your regular merch on the eBay store site, or are you planning to accept paypal in all its take-a-cut glory at QMx proper? I know that it'd be easier for some (Ok, me) to buy lots o' QMx goodies if paypal were an option.(I'm warming up my paypal account now, just in case).

  32. It’s 12:58pm over here and I just managed to finally sit down to write. Have informed everyone they should leave me alone for the rest of the day (I really don’t ask for much, only two days…) I’ll be working on some blog posts first as I have quite a few ideas, some started and some needing last touches in editing.Let’s see if I’ll slowly graduate up to the poems I started last night and some flash ideas that I’d love to develop.Estrella Azul recently posted..

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