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On <em>Top 10 Most</em> this week

This Sunday on Top 10 Most, Jokate and Denrele countdown the Most influential African Music Moguls that run the music business game.

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VJ Blog: A bold decision!

Bu Joey Muthengi – Channel O Africa VJ.

A few weeks ago I made what many are calling a ‘bold’ decision and resigned from my radio job of 4 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to gain some great experience working for Capital FM – Kenya for the past few years, and will not soon forget the many lessons I learned there.

But the time had simply come for me to move on and chase a few other dreams I’ve always had. So with that I walked away to begin a new journey and seek new challenges. I’m now back in the acting world which has always been a passion of mine so I’m very grateful for that.

Yet with each day which went by without me being on the microphone, I kept getting some very kind messages from my listeners who were missing the fun times we once had on my show.

So while going back to radio is not feasible for me at this time, I recently decided to try something new in the form of 10-15 minute podcasts which I post online for people to listen to or download.

I call it #JoeyRadio and while I’ve just started, it gives me a little bit of what I loved about my job for those 4 years. It’s a brief opportunity for me to connect with fellow music-lovers and share a bit of my life without even having to leave my house! You can find all my podcasts and ramblings on my personal blog —» joeymuthengi.tumblr.com (Everyday I’m Tumblin!) or simply click on this link for direct access: soundcloud.com/joey-muthengi.

Follow me on Twitter for more: @JoeyMuthangz

New music video: <em>Bad Gyal </em>

Channel O VJ and rapper, J-Town unveiled his new music video for Bad Gyal.

The video was initially said to be coming out on Monday, the rapper who will be releasing his debut album, Bright Lights and Dark Shades, towards the end of April, took the fans out of their misery.

The vid, directed by Kemist Gold of (Home Of Original Dreams) H.O.O.D. Entertainment was worth the wait!

Check it out now!

Bright Lights and Dark Shades drops on April 26.

VJ Blog: March-ing into the future…

By Jokate Mwegelo.

As we celebrate women this month, I would love to give a huge hug and lotsa kisses to all women and girls out there who are holding down their own, working hard to reach their goals or just struggling to fit in.

So that you know you are unique, you are special… Ain’t nothing better than being a woman, ain’t letting anyone tell me otherwise 😉

When I started my lifestyle brand Kidoti, it was simple.

I had hoped that through the brand I would inspire young people, women included to dream BIG again and follow through their dreams. Be daring, bold, sexy, intelligent, respectful and all that good stuff. Ain’t no shame in being sexy ask Beyoncé and Michelle Obama, celebrate yourself no matter your background just keep your eyes focused on the prize.

So for this month as we celebrate women, I celebrate another personal milestone my birthday. I just want to thank God and each and every one for their unending support. The Kidoti fans- girls I see you, trying to put that faux kidoti on your face! Yes y’all look too cute doing that or when you just put Kidoti beside your names on your profiles, I really appreciate the love and support. I swear ain’t nothing better than that LOVE I get from y’all!!!

Nawapenda mnooo!!

Just remember bee-lieve, the honey is in the makes.

Visit our website kidotiloving.com.

J-Town to drop debut album in April

J.Town aka he-makes-the-track-go-BANG! Has finally set a release date for his upcoming album, Bright Lights & Dark Shades. The album is set to drop on the 26th of April 2013.

J.Town is the executive producer of the album and he worked with 3 other producers Gafacci, Slimbo and Steven Mahona.

The album has a wide variety of hip-hop and a blend of the afro-beat sound with features from Christopher Steenkamp (SA), JD Era (CA), Sarkodie (GH), Alistair Merrick (UK), Joey B (GH), Screech (GH), The Mith (UG), Ice Prince (NG), Raquel (GH), C Real (GH), Chase (GH), David Jay (DK), Christine Ben-Ameh (NG), Samini (GH) and E Fine (NG).

Track List
1. Intro Ft. Christen Ben-Ameh (Prod. By J.Town)
2. Do It Right Feat. Screech (Prod. By Slimbo)
3. Fortune Teller Ft. Christopher Steenkamp (Prod. By J.Town)
4. Born For This Ft. The Mith (Prod. By J.Town)
5. Get It (Prod. By J.Town)
6. Champion Ft. Joey B (Prod. By J.Town)
7. Green Like Boston (Prod. By J.Town)
8. Royal Flush Ft. David Jay (Prod. By J.Town, Steven Mahona)
9. Bad Gyal (Prod. By J.Town)
10. Ke Mor Mi Ft. Sarkodie (Prod. By J.Town)
11. 1 Plus 1 Ft. Ice Prince, E Fine (Prod. By Gafacci)
12. Rock Your Body (Prod. By J.Town)
13. Oomale Ft. Samini (Prod. By J.Town)
14. This Is Africa Ft. Chase (Prod. By J.Town)
15. Smoke & Mirrors (Prod. By J.Town)
16. Can’t Let You Go (Prod. By J.Town)
17. Like I Ft. Raquel (Prod. By J.Town)
18. Backwards Ft. Alistair Merrick (Prod. By J.Town)

Bonus tracks
Black Star Ft. JD Era (Prod. By J.Town)
FWB Ft. David Jay (Prod. By J.Town)

VJ Blog: Flavia hosts FESPAD opening!

By Flavia Tumusiime.

Hello darlings! I just finished hosting the opening ceremony and the VIP gala night for FESPAD, the African dance festival which is currently hosted in Rwanda.

Big names performed, we had Keko and Camp Mulla for the opening as well as Femi Kuti, the son of Nigerian legend Fela Kuti.

I have a pic of me and him, yippiee!

FESPAD (the Pan-African Dance Festival/Festival Panafricain de la Danse) is a bi-annual dance festival which showcases dance cultures of different countries and this year they had Egypt, Namibia, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo and many others.

The festival goes on for a week and I hosted the opening ceremony at the national stadium, which is the night that hosts delegates and VIPs to a mini concert in celebration of the FESPAD week. In the past they have brought out big names from Youssou N’Dour to Lauryn Hill. This year the honor went to Femi kuti who gave the best performance ever for a good 30 minutes.

He also sampled stuff from his new album which comes out April.

Follow me on Twitter, @MizzFlav.

VJ Blog: Mulembe Gwa Kirya (Kirya’s generation)

Channel O Africa Ugandan VJ, Flavia, writes about The Book Of Kirya, a musical and lyrical documentation of 9th Annual Channel O Music Video Awards nominee and mwooyo artist Maurice Kirya, which will become available in stores from tomorrow.

I am Ugandan and I believe we are one of the most talented countries on the continent. That said, let me share with you one of the most blossoming Ugandans. He wanted to be superman as a kid but soon realized that was a path only on TV, so he decided to use the only means he knew to impact the world – MUSIC!

With just his guitar and voice he can capture any crowd and I’m a fan. The first time I fell in love with his music is after I listened to I Will Sing, a track off his last album Misubawa, and after that he can do no wrong.

He graced this year’s Big Brother Africa with a mind blowing performance and well he has been baking a grand gift for Africa, his new album titled, Book of Kirya. He has incorporated a live drum set in recording this album and apparently the making of the album was a big-bang-theory sort with mad scientists tryna (sic) come up with a masterpiece.

DJ Benny D gives Maurice a shoutout…

He has successfully brought that artist we know on stage into each of his songs so it’s like a live concert in your ears. When asked three words that describe this album Maurice says, “Music, Futuristic, Mwooyo (soul)”.

Hmmm, so after much anticipation he finally drops the album tomorrow 12/10/2012 and let’s toast to not just that but also the fact that he has his first ever Channel O Music Video Awards nomination in the category of Most Gifted Afro Pop Video for his track, I Don’t Wanna Fight.

Check out the artwork of Book of Kirya

Don’t forget to holla at him on twitter @mauricekirya.

And holler at me @tumusiimeflav.

Vote for the 9th Annual Channel O Music Video Awards, now.

Pics by Astrid Dill.