Please note the following requirements for video submission to Channel O:

*Video must be on Beta cam tape, MOV, Quicktime or Mini DV – Dolby On.

*Include the artist’s biography and publicity pictures, artist’s contact details (including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook handles) and a signed release form, which can be faxed to +2788 11 686 6159 if residing outside of South Africa and 088 011 686 6159 if you are in SA.

*Good video production – to be decided by Channel O if the video meets all the requirements.

*Please note that the video submission is not automatically for entry into the Music Video Awards, but the video will be played on Channel O if it meets the above requirements.

Click here to download an artist release form: 2014channelovideosubform

Forward your videos to:

ATT: Music Scheduler
Channel O
Original African
137 Bram Fisher Drive

Channel O (domestic):
Tel: +27 11 686 6639

Channel O Africa: and/or

For features, email press releases and news on artists to

For more info drop us a line with the form below: