All the MVA nominees

See who has cracked this list for this year’s Channel O Music Video Awards.

See who has cracked the list for this year’s Channel O Music Video Awards.

1. D’Banj ft. Snoop Dogg- Mr Endowed (Remix)
2. Professor ft. Speedy- Lento
3. Navio- Keep Moving
4. Cabo Snoop- Windeck
5. Zakes Bantwini- Wasting My Time

1. Waje ft. Muna- So Inspired
2. Lizha James- Gotta Move On
3. STL- Lookie Lookie
4. Lira- Phakade
5. Tiwa Savage- Kele Kele

1. Wizkid- Holla @ Your Boy
2. Keiko- How We Do
3. AKA- Victory Lap
4. Ice Prince/ Brymo- Oleku
5. Zone Fam- Shaka Zulu On Em
6. Kwesta- Take That

1. HHP, Teargas & Liquideep- Born For This
2. Samklef ft. Wizkid, D’Prince & Ice Prince- Molowo Noni
3. Slikour ft. Various Artists- Dubala (Remix)
4. Ay ft. Ms Triniti- Good Look
5. Jozi- Electric Avenue
6. Paul G ft. Akon- Bang It

1. Oskido presents Black Motion/ Jah Rich- Banane Mavoko
2. STL- Lookie Lookie
3. DJ Cleo- Bhampa Side To Side
4. Darey- Ba Ni Ki Di
5. Black Coffee ft. Hugh Masekela
6. Lizha James- Gotta Move On

1. Samini- Dadiekye
2. Wyre/ Cecile- She Say Dat
3. Black Dillinger- Volcano Erupt
4. Nazizi- Take The People Away

1. Theo- Ukhona
2. J-Martins ft. Fally Ipupa- Jukpa (Remix)
3. Shaa- Crazy
4. Jaziel Brothers- Woza
5. Flavour- Nwa Baby (Remix)

1. Brickz ft. Various Artists
2. The Dogg- This Is My Time
3. Howza- Hustler
4. Professor ft. Speedy- Lento

1. Jamali- Incurable
2. G2 ft. Trez Agah
3. Loyiso ft. Khuli Chana- World Of Mine
4. Banky W. ft. M.I.- Feeling It
5. Leanne- Deal With It

1. Jesse Jagz ft. M.I. & Ice Prince- Nobody Test Me
2. ProVerb ft. Lungelo- The Beginning
3. Navio- Keep Moving
4. Collo- Chini Ya Maji
5. AKA- Victory Lap

1. Liquideep- Settle For Less
2. Cabo Snoop- Windeck
3. Khuli Chana- No More Hunger
4. C.R.I.S.I.S- The Fire Inside
5. L-Tido ft. K.O- We Rolling

1. Naeto C- 10 OVER 10
2. Flavour- Nwa Baby (Remix)
3. D-Black ft. Dr. Cryme- Get On The Dance Floor
4. Asa- Why Can’t We
5. 2 Face- Only Me

1. P- Unit/ Mimmo- Kare (Acoustic version)
2. Jaguar- Kigeugeu
3. Ay ft. Ms Triniti- Good Luck
4. Radio and Weseal, Keko- How We Do It (Remix)
5. Cpwaa ft. Various Artists- Action

1. Khuli Chana- No More Hunger
2. Samklef ft. Wizkid, D’Prince & Ice Prince- Molowo Noni
3. Zakes Bantwini- Wasting My Time
4. STL- Lookie Lookie
5. D’Banj ft. Snoop Dogg- Mr. Endowed (Remix)
6. AKA- Victory Lap
7. 2 Face- Only You
8. Liquideep- Settle For Less
9. Navio- Keep Moving
10. Lira- Phakade


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    132. What I need to know is why you didnt believe to consist of the other side of this issue? There are so numerous things that youre missing here that I dont see how you could in fact form an intelligent opinion on the subject. Its like you didnt even take into account that there me be an additional side here. Im type of disappointed.

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