Spotlight on Brickz

We put the spotlight on Most Gifted Kwaito nominee Brickz.

This Kwaito artist was born in Zola and later discovered by the ever popular producer DJ Cleo. At one point the two were so close that Brickz named his son after the producer. Brickz began his professional career by singing in gospel choirs, before performing in his first group. This is where he received his nickname Half Brickz because he was the youngest person in the band. His debut album Face Brick is a Kwaito album with a Ragga influence. The album was based on his life, his love life, experiences growing up in the township and features a track about his late mother. Along with his new look, his lyrics have been cleaned up as well. He is now a part of TS Records that is owned by another former Cleo protégé.

Follow Brickz on Twitter: @BrickzMabrigado


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    12. Since the comments have wandered far from the topic of the original post and, in some cases, seem to be following well-worn tracks that are entirely predictable, I am exercising my despotic right as author of the original post and closing the comments. Thanks to all who made a positive contribution to the discussion.

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    4. What amazes me most about the last eight years is how very few people it took to subvert the constitution. Maybe dozens of true believers in charge and ten times that following orders and the whole thing comes tumbling down.Given that all three branches were under control of the same party for six years (yes, I’m including SCOTUS), I blame the press most. They’re supposed to watch-dog this mess. Is anyone concerned now about all the major press outlets being owned by a handful of corporate entities?

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    7. I didn’t read all of this because it looks ridiculous.“more games against inferior Eastern Conference”Check the standings/points of the playoff teams in each. If that’s not good enough for you, SKC went 6-1-2 against Western Conference in the regular season (and 2-0 in US Open Cup). As for Houston ‘waxing’, unfortunately Houston takes full advantage of playoffs having no home field advantage. Their hunkering down for 90 min in KC only worked thanks to a no-call.

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    10. La droite a eu raison de s’opposer au PACS, non dans son principe mais parce qu’il n’était évidemment qu’une étape. Quant aux pays qui ont légitimé le mariage homosexuel, ils ne sont pas plus exemplaires que ceux qui le refusent. J’en ai assez de cet argument : parce que les socialistes ont légitimé le mariage homosexuel en Espagne (sans demander l’avis du peuple, je suppose), il faudrait les suivre ? Je vous rappelle qu’ils ont aussi conduit le pays à la faillite.

    11. In poche parole, si fanno investimenti in denaro e in tempo senza coglierne i frutti. ( e non parlo solo degli “investimenti” dei singoli studenti ma alla situazione generale dell’Italia).Me l’ero persa la frase di Tremonti, se fossi in loro proporrei un disegno di legge che elimini le facoltà inutili XD.

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    15. Thank you.   And very interesting.   The write up over at , if one cares to go that far, certainly looks like Mr. Batie got a raw deal all the way around.   Not only from Subway, but also from the folks he entrusted with running his businesses while Batie was pulled away to serve our Country in Afghanistan.

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    7. Quoting the article, “Americans were largely not thinking of gold as money.” Perhaps it is paritally linguistics influencing psychology. The inherent connection between money and gold is obvious in certain foreign languages. For example, the Japanese character for “money” when written is exactly the same as the character for “gold.” Are there examples of “Gold Commissions” in other countries that the US could use as precedent?

    8. I’m a Progressive Green, who believes in climate change, and who is actively trying to save the planet. And I do NOT like Al Gore. With T. Boone you know you’re dealing with a greedy oil man. Al Gore is a hypocrite from my side of the political spectrum.His Crap and Trade charade is nothing more than an attempt to enrich Goldman, J.P. Morgan, and himself, at the expense of the American people. It’s his hypocrisy that infuriates us progressive greens. I can’t speak for the corporate brainwashed tea bagging Glenn Beck climate change deniers.

    9. Take care of yourself Katex, that zit is nothing to play around with…my daughter has it bad and has had to be hospitalized because of it! Oh and eat lots of honey, as much as you can stand…and even rub it around the infected area….helps kill bacteria and besides you have nothing to lose by trying it.

    10. Just in case anyone is curious, here is a breakdown of vote bystate:——-CA 12NY 10MA 8NJ 5IL 4TX 3PA 3FL 3WI 2NC 2WA 2GA 2MD 2CO 2OH 2MN 2WV 2VA 2IND 1MO 1SC 1AZ 1HA 1MI 1MS 1————————-By race:White: 40Black: 28Hisp: 5Asian: 2————-By party affiliation:Democrat: 75Republican: 0Independent: 0By Red/Blue state(as determined in 2008 POTUS election)Blue: 64Red: 11————————————————————-Interesting…..

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    15. Mommies of boys get to do all kinds of crazy things! And don’t worry — I’m constantly tripping on Barbie accessories and spending tons of money on Princess toys. I’m so glad you got to see TANGLED together though… Did your boys like it? I absolutely adore that movie. We took our daughter to it THREE TIMES because she loved it so much. We even had a TANGLED fourth birthday party last summer.

    16. JaviSí, yo también lo leí hace unos días y me gustó. Muy entretenido. El final…, no sé, yo me quedé con ganas de más aventuras, de saber qué ocurre con algunos personajes. Y sí que invita a reflexionar sobre muchos asuntos. Recomendable.

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    18. OK. You say you don’t attack religion whenever possible, you just want people who have religious beliefs to shut up their religious convictions whenever it has to do with the rules and laws under which they are going to be governed. I get it. You apparently don’t.

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    20. / Your new song is wonderful, Stephen! Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us and for using that gift to glorify the One who gave it to you. We loved hosting you and your family in Union Grove this past July. You are always welcome back here at Trinity. May God grant you and your family a blesséd Christmas and prosperous new year!

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    25. BTW, Jenjen, I nominated you for the ‘Best Food Blog’ category in the Blogger’s Choice Awards , but it seems someone has done it already. Seems like you don’t know that you’ve been nominated? Anyways, you’ve got my vote, Jenjen. Good Luck!

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    27. Meanwhile, the Green Party Presidential candidate and Vice Presidential candidate were handcuffed to chairs for 8 hours yesterday to keep them away from the Presidential Debate.Isn't it comforting to know that we live in a country that arrests major-party opposition candidates?

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    2. It’s been a pleasure reading your Six Sentences every week! I totally get what you’re saying about having Sunday mornings back…but I’ll miss stopping by your blog for a (quick) spot of very good reading! Today’s excerpt was great, sad and intriguing – I really feel for your character! Best wishes!Veronica Scott recently posted..

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    5. See? Always the same ones to first find out. Anway I’m proud to be one under the first 5 comments again ^^Oh yes.. it’s great that you’re back too Only watched 3-4 episodes + 4 episodes that were later released without Ryugan… Kyuubi’s were fine too, but it felt slightly different.PLEASE FORGIVE ME RYUGAN! ^^

    6. Totally agree with you on this one. Even though I used to partake, it amazes me how much junk people can shove in half conscious! Once I got away from the sweets/breads, skipping breakfast was no big deal.Now that I’m following a 16/8 leangains style approach, my favorite meal is dinner. The work of the day is behind, and all is good to relax and enjoy the finer things in life

    7. lol Maybe he’s trying to spend more time with mom by sharing your schedule. The flexibility to be with your children must be nice. It’s one of the big reasons I went the self-employed route. I wanted to be established working at home before having kids, so I could be here for them without struggling too much with the parental and work adjustments at the same time. Even if my schedule can’t stay as regular when that happens, I imagine is must be well worth it.

    8. John, since this questionnaire was completed, we have indeed found a local source for chicken and pork – through Hidden Stream Farm in Elgin, MN and we source free range turkey from Ferndale Farm in Cannon Falls. We continue to find ways to move more locally – more easily these days – perhaps thanks to the efforts of the food community to keep pushing for more!

    9. Thanks for sharing this. I’m not familiar with the John Lewis brand as I haven’t lived in the UK but I absolutely adore the last piece!! I love its subtlety in that the content isn’t shopping-related at all. The entire commercial is like a mini-movie that features a time machine, which reminds me of two of my favorite films from last year Midnight in Paris and Hugo. Instead of blatantly shouting the goal, this kind of delicately crafted ads magically touches the softest spot in people’s hearts. Therefore I believe that those artful ads always work out perfectly for everyone.

    10. I’m a big fan of their skin care products too! I swear by Clinique’s facial wash, toner, and moisturizer. I haven’t tried the turnaround cream though, I think I’ll invest in it when I turn 25.I don’t use the Superbalanced Makeup everyday, mostly because I don’t go out everyday. On normal days, I just use my pressed powder, also from Clinique. :PThanks for the tip about the prices! Are you by chance going to HK anytime soon? 😛

    11. teknoseyir sitesinin özelliği sadece haber vermek değil kendi yorumunuda katmak( ki bu yorumlara herzaman bayılıyorum…) ve bizlere öyle sunmak yaptığı iş budur.Ben çoğu zaman 1-2 gün sonra kafam sakinken izliyorum veya dinliyorum ve keyif alıyorum. Bu sitedeki her türlü inceleme her türlü bilgi paylaşımı sanki bir arkadaş ortamındaymışçasına samimiyetle yapılıp konuşuluyor.Kısaca teknoseyir ekibine kural dayatmayın ve diğer sitelere benzemesini istemeyin. Haber isteyenlere birsürü site var herhangi birinden haberini alır. Saygılar….

    12. Ik vond de promofilm wel aardig, het Cruijff-grapje duurt alleen net wat te lang. De volgende promofilm zou wat mij betreft mogen gaan over de betekenis van vrijheid en wat voor positieve gevolgen het in het heft nemen van het eigen leven i.p.v. afhankelijk te zijn van de staat kan hebben.

    13. rem à lejlp et + : danger lié aux radars sur autoroute : les défoncés sur file de gauche qui passent de 140 à 90 km en freinant au moment de passer devant un radar avec limitation à 110 !!!!! des dangers publics graves !j’ai vu une façon de sensibiliser et faire respecter les limitations en ville sur une nationale qui traverse une petite agglomération (dans village des dolomites) : 1. panneau de limitation à 50, puis 2. signalisation de la vitesse du véhicule et 3. installé un peu plus loin un feu qui se met au rouge en auto si la vitesse n’est pas respectée

    14. C’est pas en traitant les Juifs de voleurs et en insultant la Bible que vous aidez à la paix.D’ailleurs voulez vous la paix ? Entre vous et l’autre qui dit que le sionisme doit disparaitre, permettez moi de vous poser la question.Il n’est pas bien de pousser à la guerre alors que ce n’est pas vous qui la ferez.

    15. Yes, that’s what I was thinking. Use like 50 chimpanzee’s with this tech and look where it will lead. But, before we do that, could we please remove parts of their brains which cause aggression, egoism and alike? Should save us some problems. Come to think of it: it does sound a bit like a “Colossus: The Forbin Project” alpha version.

    16. 2:37 am, October 23, 2012|Great article Lauren do you think you can do Scream or A Nightmare On Elm Street or The Hills Have Eyes or The Last House On The Left all Wes Craven originals though not the remakes. They are my favourite movies and it would be really interesting to see you disect them and to see what someone else thinks of them.

    17. 1 internaute sur 1 a trouvé ce commentaire utile : beau et pratique !, 15 janvier 2012Par  (france) –    Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Bodum – 11089-01 – Bistro – Bloc Couteau – Noir (Cuisine) Beaucoup plus pratique que l’aimant car les couteaux ne risquent pas de tomber et d”abîmer le plan de travail. en plus il est très esthétique !Aidez d’autres clients à trouver les commentaires les plus utiles Avez-vous trouvé ce commentaire utile ?  | Â

    18. mathilde dit :Ma chère Nicole,Visiblement le parc t’a enchanté tout autant que moi. Oui, j’ai eu le plaisir de partager un instant avec celui qui nous a tous fait rêver lorsque nous étions enfants…c’était magique !! Je conseille le parc du Futuroscope aux grands comme aux petits, car j’y ai passé un moment inoubliable !! Je t’embrasse bien fort. A bientôt. Mathilde.

    19. i blame everyone involved in the situation equally. it’s obvious this kid was going to be an issue, so it’s no surprise that he’s dead. i just don’t see any one person taking more blame than any other in this case. they all carry a fault. from the courts down the doctors that didn’t treat him properly while he was in prison. as far as his father goes–that’s a generational curse and again, they all take blame equally IMO.

    20. Together with every little thing which seems to be building in this particular particular region, a important percentage associated with perspectives are often relatively interesting. However, I plead with your excuse, but I can not subscribe to your whole strategy, all be it refreshing none the a lesser amount of. It appears to me that your commentary are in fact not entirely validated as well as in inescapable fact you are by yourself not genuinely totally certain in the argument. In virtually any event Used to do get pleasure from examining that.

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    23. Tak tumbuh tak melata, tak sungguh orang tak kata.2 kali anak ikan kau si Roslin bercerai disebabkan kau kali ni kau nak kata fitnah tak putus2 dalam rumah tangga kau.Jgn besok belum habis edah alih2 Kak Mi kena tangkap khalwat tah dengan anak ikan bilis mana. Dah tua2 ni buatlah cara tua Kak Mi, kami yang muda malulah tengok perangai Kak Mi.Hot debate. What do you think? 10  14

    24. I do believe that the time does come in certain circumstances when parents can not “play nice.” It’s unfortunate, but there are instances when the school does not follow guidelines. I certainly don’t expect parents to not stand up for their child when appropriate. Sorry that you and your child have had such a negative experience. Good luck with a new school year.

    25. 23bда! И еще про собак: у Кинга сеттер в русском переводе когти во сне выпускает.А у Брэдбери есть в “Вине из одуванчиков” пассаж про собак, которые в конурах от жары wet their mops, я не помню, как это перевели, но так до сих пор не пойму, что это значит: лет десять никто не может мне объяснить.

    26. That is what they want. They probably already have toasters and sheets. Most couples will register for items in several price ranges, from $20 to $500. The higher end is usually what close family will buy. Just buy what you can afford. If there is nothing on the registry you can afford, then buy them a nice engraved picture frame, or a gift card to a linen store. They’ll appreciate whatever they get.

    27. Tenho ideia de que na apresentação desse grande líder da classe operária Torres Coutoaa como candidato à Câmara faltou a luz e ele, oportunisticamente tentou airar as culpas para a CDU na tal estratégia de vitimização que eles acham que dá resultado,mas enfim…Na apresentação do corajoso Pedroso também me quer parecer que faltou a luz. Pelo menos faltou a vergonha.Abraço

    28. Das mit den Teetassen kenne ich – mittlerweile habe ich ein regelrechtes Sammelsurium aus ganz vielen verschiedenen Mustern, ich hoffe ich muss nie einen einheitlichen Frühstücks/Kaffeetisch decken – dann muss ich sie alle anmalen ;)Maisons du Monde werde ich mir beim nächsten Frankreichtrip definitiv mal anschauen müssen…