T.I back in the trunk

‘The King’ is a free man and he’s already hard at work with several projects. Read on to find out more.

UPDATE: Not even 24 hours after being released from prison and the rapper has been ‘dethroned’ again aka he’s back in jail. It’s believed that the luxury bus he was using to get back to Atlanta had an unknown “issue”. The rapper was detained and taken back into custody, where he will serve out the rest of his sentence up until the 29th of this month (he was released early in case you didn’t know). We’re not sure what this “issue” was but no doubt this will all be revealed soon and as soon as we have word, we’ll let you know.

T.I. is a free man. The rapper was released from an Arkansas prison earlier this week. He was sentenced to 11 months in prison after being arrested for being in possession of drugs last September. Initial reports stated that the rapper would go into some sort of community living but now it’s understood that he has begun work on a reality TV show for music channel VH1. In short, it’s believed the show will revolve around how the rapper adjusts to life after prison, the lessons he learned whilst behind bars etc. There is no official title for the show as yet, but it’s expected to air in the US in December. The King has also just signed a book deal with Harper Collins. The note on his official website states the following, “Titled ‘Power & Beauty,’ the novel was written by T.I. with David Ritz and will hit stores in October.” His album No Mercy will also be released in December. So the rapper has hit the ground running since his prison stint.

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