VJ Blog: Lyrically Speaking

Channel O Africa VJ, Joey got crammed up in studio behind the mic, with 7 of Kenya’s best rappers. She writes about the cypher.

Channel O Africa Kenyan VJ, Joey, blogs about making Kenyan hip-hop history on her radio show!

As much as I appreciate all genres of music, most people who know me understand that I’m a ‘Hip-Hop head’ for life. To me hop-hop is the rawest form of expression and there’s just something so honest about music that tells a story of struggle, celebrates culture, and does it all to a funky beat.

I host a daily radio show on Capital Fm (Kenya) called Hits Not Homework. Coolest three hours of my day! I get to play hype music, joke, laugh, and basically forget about real responsibilities for a little while every weekday. I also like to think that my show has the freshest DJs in Kenya. Recently one of the deejays on my show (DJ Joe) and I had an idea to take a concept that we’d been doing on the show for a while and make it bigger.

We usually play underground hip-hop on Wednesdays and as often as we can we invite rappers to come on air and freestyle. The segment is called Lyrically Speaking and it’s become a very popular segment. So as we were hanging out in the studio the other day we decided to make a cypher out of it and invite a few rappers to come in and just flow.

Little did we know this was history in the making…

Next thing I know we’ve got seven of Kenya’s hottest rappers crammed into our studios, we’re live on air and let’s just say it was a good day for Kenyan hip-hop. I got so excited I even jumped in and spat a hot 16 myself!

LOL! Can’t wait for the next one!

Check out the birth of radio cypher’s in Kenya (my part is at the very end).

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