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Check out D’Banj, Ice Prince, DJ Cleo, M.anifest and more on Channel O Africa tonight.

Channel O Africa brings you O-News this week.

We catch up with Ghanaian rapper M.anifest, DJ Cleo‘s performs in Kenya, we check out Ice Prince Zamani and D’Banj in London and DJ Neptune chooses his top 5 music videos.

Catch O-News only on Channel O Africa tonight at 20h00 WAT, 21h00 CAT and 22h00 EAT.


  1. Call me simple, but it seems to me the underlying truth of what you are saying is that those who practice philanthropy should be guided by a desire to get the job done, and as such, use all means and opportunities available to it. Check egos at the door…forget all the other stuff…and stay focused on the task.

  2. Jeden pitomec chce revolučně střílet špuntovkou na Karmelitský palác z výletní lodě na Vltavě a druhý pitomec jej kritizuje, že střílí od špatného mostu.Říkal jeden známý o druhém:"To je takový vůl, že by jej i do parlamentu vzali."Pseudolíbivá fráze? To bude asi ta kvazilíbivá nebo nepravě líbivá. To my dycinky jenom fráze líbivé, že?

  3. “in the following situations, many if not most, liberal Democrats are pro-abortion when”Historically, there have been significant numbers of republicans who are “pro-choice” to the same extent, including many who are conservative on economic issues–see former mayor of NY and governor of CA.I agree that many “pro-choice” individuals, whether they are otherwise “liberal” or “conservative” or democratic or republican, may well be “pro-abortion” in that they might encourage abortion in those situations. I would be interested if there is any statistical information of what percentage of “pro-choice” individuals would also be “pro-abortion” in any of those cases.

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  5. Yes Chris, I agree with you about the humour element – as ever, when the genre is done right, death-rattle laughter is never far away.‘…the villagers are not behaving in any manner that can be reasoned with but seem utterly convinced by their own madness’I think that is also beautifully exemplified by the ‘dance’ in the pub to which I referred in my review. I find it very difficult to get that scene out of my head – in fact, it was the part that gave me an actual nightmare.Brrhh!

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  9. I totally suggest that people vote Liberal, if getting the Tories out of power is the goal. We don’t want another Nader/Gore/Bush fiasco, do we? Sometimes it’s more important to get a party you HATE out, then get the party you adore in. It’s a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils, which is so often the case in politics.By the way, you’re dressed exactly like these girls at my school! Imagine my surprise!

  10. Intressant med hur en person fungerar i sin chefsroll och hur en person fungerar i t ex trafiken. Att åka en tur med en kandidat i Stockholms rusningstrafik kan nog snabbt och enkelt klargöra hur den personen verkligen fungerar i förhållande till sin omvärld. Att döma av situationen idag, så är det nog inte speciellt många bra chefer som kör bil. Kanske åker dom kollektivt

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  15. to: “a cd”you’re all class. you sound like a real together fella, with his head in the right place: REALITY. i wish more creative directors were human like you. i suggested a poll question awhile back (not yet posted, by the way):what makes a “good” or “effective” creative director. your insight should be part of the list. truthfully, i know what i like in a creative director, but was hoping for advice (as i may soon become one and am looking for helpful hints).

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  17. Absolutely Mr. Pink Eyes. I keep hitting on the theme that for as media & internet savvy the Obama Campaign was, they still don’t get it. They can lie all they want. We can look up the truth on line. They say that they’re really not wanting to do something, and we can go onto YouTube and pull up the video that shows them saying that they do. The more they lie, the more resolute we become. The more the MSM lies, the more viewers/readers that they lose.

  18. Sí, yo también me reí, pero en serio hay gente muy ignorante y eso demuestra el poder que tienen los medios, el texto de un homor negro es muy bueno, obviamente hay gente que no lee correctamente, probablemnte tú y yo seamos los únicos con un nivel de lectura tipo 3: crítico, la mayoría los que comentan deben ser tipo 1: literal.Saludos

  19. The mormon church contributes to charities for the same reason Mcdonalds does, so it can put up a facade of being “good”. Just like Mcdonalds they pay a tiny fraction of their income to charities and do it solely as a form of advertising to promote their business and rake in far more income in return then they put out for the charity/advertising.

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  25. Awesome workout Kev! Putting up some big numbers now for sure!I´m totally excited about tomorrow. I´m thinking Gold´s Gym like them others who have commented =DI have to say though that the recording of this workout was very annoying to watch with the camera moving around too much and zooming back and forth and not focusing on the right stuff.Thanks for the journey so far man, put on a big show tomorrow, a grand finale!

  26. is a classical false conclusion. It´s like saying:”All cycling champions of the last 20 years did yoga in the morning. Therefore it is not possible to be a cycling champion without doing yoga in the morning.”There is no single proof that deadlifting is the reason why coleman and yates were Mr. Olympia.And please don´t tell me that Yates deserved it more than Levrone.

  27. Enfin, « imposer » ou « persuader », en ce qui concerne la religion catholique et ce qu’elle a engendré de par le monde (je pourrais dire la même chose pour la plupart des religions d’ailleurs), le résultat me semble quasi-identique. Et le livre de Raspail le montre bien. Ces Alakalufs, on ne leur a pas imposé la religion par la force, et pourtant, quels dégâts … !

  28. Some may consider my behavior harsh, and indeed it is. We confronted the horrors of Nazism with righteous anger, and we must confront the horrors of contraception and abortion with the same.It isn’t Heather, Alex, or Wissen who are to be hated – they are indeed brainwashed and misguided – but they are human persons worthy of love.Their worldview, however, must be destroyed.

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  30. I just got back from a long walk (with some jogging thrown in) with my dog. Yes, I feel great but I am finding, like you, the benefits to exercise that go way beyond feeling fit. Today I noticed the snow, the footprints we left yesterday, the sounds of silence. Exercising is good for my soul and settles my brain. Thanks for sharing – and I hope the hurtful situation gets resolved.

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  37. That is so true Julia. So true.The thing about happy, feel good religions is that they are just that–feel good. There is no Jewish Vidui or Catholic Confiteor. No remorse for sin or recognition of sign. No thumping of the chest to demonstrate that sorrow and guilt through our own actions. To accuse ourselves.

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  40. Ooh, hope you feel better soon! I gotta get a couple of those SK brushes, the price is so right! I just always think I know what I need and then any time I get in front of a brush display I waffle and nitpick and completely forget if *that* brush is or is not almost exactly like that *other* brush I already have at home! I swear, I’m a brush neurotic!

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  47. Your point about the “We” construction for government is an interesting one. Of course “we the people” is a hallowed old phrase in the republic, but i do have to wonder when exactly the aristocratic “they” became the democratic “we”. Much political mischief has followed from that simple change of phrase.

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  49. gracias, the calm hits me only when it shouldn’t and I should really wash my mouth with soap from time to time :D@ Auras: Nu, dar tot in zona 😉 Eternul si fascinantul Berceni :D@ t.s. : get over it, ppl! O sa pun un disclaimer: watch out for the cursing in Romanian.@ Razvan: “Oh, scuze”?! Are you kidding me?! Dupa ce ca era sa dea peste mine, dupa ce ca imi incalcase dreptul, sa mai spun “scuze”?! NEVER!

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  57. I’ve seen that shirt on Karmaloop… but that shit is extra corny… Grown man walkin around with big ass curse words on his chest?? Childish like Donald Glover —————————————————————- I’m so tired of the word Swag. I’d rock that shirt because its exactly how I feel.

  58. Its interesting that you mention "Save the Children" (and "World Vision"). Both operations have expensive-looking ads running in German cable TV, and there have been glamorous events to introduce both orgs as something respectable to society here. This has been going on for some time, as in 3-4 years. And "Save the Children" is the newcomer.

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  67. Hoo-bloody-ray! My own feelings exactly. I’ve just been blogging about something connected to this and it goes out sometimes soon. (Stuff happening first). I so so so agree, Iain. We do need to engage our hearts but our heads must come first, at least in everything except the first draft. That’s the only place the heart should rule.

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  122. Just a re-thought to your “She Did What?!” part: Yes these times are a-changin’, but that also means that we women are getting more serious about our careers and less about finding a man. I think it’s important for any men/boys reading this post to still focus on “being a man” and asking the woman.. well ANYTHING first. If you don’t, we will secretly hold a mental note of your lack of nuts against you forever because you weren’t “man” enough in the beinning. We’re not being mean, it’s just seriously YOUR job. So take pride in it.

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  127. Hi Chrissie,Thanks for your lovely comment and for sharing your experience. The idea that ‘as one door closes another one opens somewhere else’ does ring true and is a comforting thought! I do feel that 2012 will be an exciting year, for many reasons.Best wishes,Katherine x

  128. Pues sí, hay graffitis espectaculares por toda Granada. Como anécdota, el ayuntamiento de Granada “se apropió” de los graffitis de un tal “El Niño”, los cuales quedaron protegidos, y creó una guía turística con la cual poder ver todos los graffitis de este artista a la vez que se recorre la ciudad… ¿qué te parece? ¿la hostia, no? Viva Graná!

  129. Perfectly sultry without giving away too much. If you’re a Neil Gaiman fan: I always think his take on deities from different pantheons hanging out is a pretty nifty one. And if Polynesian met Hindu, I could see the chiseled hero/smoldering temptress pairing happening…

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