VJ Blog: GD experience

From London, to Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Cannes. Channel O VJ and Goal Diggerz season 2 co-host, SK, writes about his time in Europe shooting.

On the second episode of Goal Diggerz Channel O VJ, SK, hangs out with longstanding Arsenal player, Alex Song. Song takes time out his busy Barclays Premier League schedule to entertain his family out in London. He shows SK around his three story mansion, giving us a glimpse into how they roll in the big leagues.

SK blogs about his GD experience.

With Alex Song.

I thought I’d take this moment to tell you all about my experience while shooting Question is, where do I start? I saw and did so much, but here goes…

Firstly, I’d like to thank the Head of Youth Channels (Solly Moeng) for giving me the opportunity to be on this show and trusting me to do a good job. I’d also like to thank the production company (Fixerfilm) for working so well with me and being so understanding.

My European trip, started in London (England) where I immediately fell in-love with the people there, because of their love for black people, and it shows. The public transport in the UK is so amazing, convenient and easy to use – Africa could do with that kind of infrastructure.

I particularly enjoyed the nightlife in London, especially because they play African music in most of the clubs like Ice Prince, D’Banj, P-Square and Black Coffee to name a few. I had a hard time adjusting to the cold and rain, because I’d never experienced that type of weather in my life; it rained almost every day while I was there!

With that said, I got to leave the gloomy, rainy and cold London and went to the homeland of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Champions and 2012 EURO Cup Champions – Spain ‘Da Costa Del Sol’ (Coast of the South ).

I went to the beautiful, warm and tropical city of Malaga. I LOVED being there because I not only got to go swim in the Mediterranean Sea, but I also got to watch a La Liga game live at Da La Rosalida Stadium. They have some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life there, who surprisingly enjoy swimming naked. They love to stay in shape and it’s no wonder there’s training equipment at every corner. Most of all, they love SOCCER!!!

Straight from Malaga, I went to Belgium to a city called Kortjik. Where Jean Claude Van Dam (one of my favorite actors) is from. I only spent a day there and didn’t get to see much of the place, but I did get to eat some of the best chocolate in the world.

From Belgium, I went to Geneva in Switzerland, where we hired a car and drove across the country for 6 hours in the midst of beautiful, breathtaking scenery all the way through to the city of Nice (France). The most amazing thing happened while we were there – the player that we went to shoot invited me to join him at the 65th Cannes Film Festival which was taking place the next day in the city of Cannes. I got to see Hollywood’s A-List celebrities and some of the most pimped out yachts I have ever set my eyes on.

There’s obviously a lot more that I saw and did, but I don’t want to spoil season 2 of Goal Diggerz by giving you all the details. So for more of what? Where? and who I met in Europe? keep it locked on the big O.

Much love to you all from your BOY!!!

Holler at me @SKCoza.

Catch SK as he hangs out with Alex Song on Tuesday July 31 at 18:30pm, only on Channel O.


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  130. >流しに食べ終わった食器がありました。私も脈ありかと思いますよ。もーもーさんも「なぜかそんなことが嬉しく感じました。」で、愛情があるみたいですし。お子さんが3人ともまだまだ手のかかる時期ですよね。でも、旦那さんはどちらかというと、寂しさを募らせているように見受けます。一家の大黒柱なんだからシッカリしろよっ!と、「あれしてくれない!!」「これしてくれない!!」「私がこんなに大変なのにまた浮気!!キーッ!!!!」で毎日ギャーギャーギャーギャー。『こんな家に帰りたくない』 そんな感じなのではないでしょうか?だから、『うるさい!』『めんどくさい』『でてけ』『離婚しておまえの理想の人みつければ?』になるのではないでしょうか。何人も書かれていますが、離婚はいつでもできます。準備できていようがいなかろうが、何とかしようと動けば何とかなるもんです。今はそれよりも、関係の修復を試みてはいかがですか?もーもーさんの旦那さんはどんなご家庭を築きたいと言っていましたか?仕事で疲れて帰ってきたら、「貴方はこれしてくない」「また浮気して!」「なんで!!」顔を合わせれば自分を責めるだけの妻。子供にかまうだけの妻。おこちゃまと言えばおこちゃまです。でも、それが貴女の旦那さんなんです。貴女が求める理想の旦那さんではないのです。世間一般がうらやむ旦那さんではないのです。寂しくて自分だけをみてくれる女性を求めてフラフラ。とんでもないことですが、反対に言えばこのおこちゃまを理想のだんな様に変えるのも、もーもーさんの手腕にかかっているともいえます。今度帰ってきたら、何も言わずにニッコリとお帰りなさい。子供の世話をしつつも、旦那さんもかまう一工夫。してくれないことを前提に「あれしてくれたら嬉しいな(^^)」しなかったら責めずにスルー、してくれたら「ありがとう!!すっごく助かる!!」優しく、笑顔で、もちあげる。まだ、顔を合わせるのが無理でしたら、追記されたことを繰り返すでもOKかと。子育てに旦那育ては大変だとは思います。でも、子供はいずれ巣立ちます。その後に残るのはもーもーさんが育てあげた、『妻を慮る旦那様』 なのです!もちろん、それでも浮気がなおらない場合もありますので、お子さんが手のかからない時期にきましたらパートなりで蓄えをしておくのも良いかと思います。

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  132. PÃ¥standen om at lett trening gir lange muskler har vi hørt i «alle» Ã¥r hehe! I mitt tilfelle fra 1979 hva vekttrening angÃ¥r!Er vel en grei mÃ¥te og omformulere ordet LAT pÃ¥ og pÃ¥stÃ¥ at jeg trener lett for Ã¥ unngÃ¥ «kulemuskler! Skal man fÃ¥ litt fasong pÃ¥ kroppen mÃ¥ man bare ta i rel. mye! 6-12 rep gjør vanligvis susen

  133. moi non plus, j’ai pas un avis sur tout les sujets. et alors? certains sujets demandes que l’on ai un avis (crise, ecologie..) mais d’autre sujet ne m’empeche pas de dormir (le dakar est il mieux cette année, qui va gagner la coupe du monde de lancer de patate…). quoique je me demande si poster un message sur ce blog ne me force pas a donner un avis sur la qualité des dessins, dans ce cas mon avis est trés simple: EXCELLENT DESSIN

  134. I finished 4 days ago on the trail. I cant even collect more points because BLASTED INTERNET comes up everytime. They say its being worked on. I think its done to slow you down on your game progress. I have been playing from the very start and any time I have moved forward fast it slows the game down where it takes days to get one blade of grass or else the internet keeps needing to be refreshed. I also cant collect on the Chuckwagon because It says I have to use up my rations. I cant do that because I cant do anything on the trail.

  135. I kdybychom připustili, že existují dva výklady, a taková intepretace popírá elementární zásady logiky, měl by interpretující orgán sáhnout k logickému argumentu reductio ad absurdum a jsme zase zpátky u jediného správného výkladu. Patrně někdo chyběl, když se na základní škole probírala procenta. Větší nebo skutečný problém je spíše v poměrně značných rozdílech v jednotlivých vzorcích a ve zvoleném způsobu hodnocení.