Rihanna ‘set to confirm Chris Brown romance’

The stars have been growing close again recently.

By Covermedia.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are reportedly just weeks away from confirming their romance. The stars split after he assaulted her in 2009 but have been growing close again recently.

Chris visited her while she was holidaying in St Tropez last month and it’s been claimed they have decided to give things another go.

According to Heat magazine, they will announce they are dating before too long.“Rihanna has wanted Chris back for three years now. And it seems there’s no holding her back,” a source told the publication.It’s thought photographs of the pair together will soon be made public. Rihanna is close to her mentor Jay-Z and he reportedly sent his business partner to talk to her about the romance.

She opened up about her love for Chris and the group are now said to be considering the best way to be honest about the relationship whilst not alienating fans.“

Jay travelled from New York to Antibes for dinner with Rihanna at Le Michelangelo restaurant on Friday 27 July, where she apparently told him that Chris was the love of her life and she wanted him back,” an insider said.

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