New Music Video: Feel No Pain

Check out the new vid that rising Kenyan star-group, Camp Mulla, released fresh after their 9th Annual Channel O Music Video Awards nominations. We caught up with them to chat awards.

Shortly after receiving several Channel O Music Video Awards nominations, Camp Mulla released a brand new music video, Feel No Pain.

We caught up with them to hear whats up for the rest of the year.

What’s up for the rest of the year?
For the remainder of the year Camp Mulla is working on the Niko na Safaricom live Concert Tour around the whole Country, we are going to spent time with our fans. Projects to await for is our coming new music we promise nothing but great music. There’s no pressure with the album.

Does getting nominated for awards mean anything to you?
We take it as an honor and a privilege to us and our fans.

What’s the ultimate nomination for your guys?
The award-nomination that we would say is really huge is the Grammy ,it would be a big celebration to us and it will really be great.

CM is getting a lot of love internationally, are you feeling the pressure?
We feel that, Africa, not just Kenya is expecting only the best from us. The expectations level have risen and many responsibilities comes along.

Check out Camp Mulla’s new vid, directed by Kevin Bosco Jnr and Private 19.

Camp Mulla is nominated for the 9th Annual Channel O Music Video Awards. Check out the rest of the nominees and remember to VOTE!

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