VJ Blog: O-News LIVE for the first time

O’s Tanzanian VJ Jokate recaps the baddest weekend ever! Channel O Africa together with the E.M.E crew (Banky W, Wizkid, Skales, Niyola), Khuli Chana, Camp Mulla, Wyre and some more musicians and celebrity friends took over Kenya in music and style.

They love dem E.M.E. boys, they want to do dem E.M.E. boys eeeh eeeh eeeh… LOL! Call me the baddest VJ and this is a recap of the baddest weekend ever for Channel O Africa’s O-News, where we went live for the first time in one of Africa’s baddest cities, Nairobi – Kenya.

We live and breathe African music… Let’s all inhale, exhale yeeeey #Living…l!

Speaking of which upon my arrival to Kenya, minutes later I am acquainted with those Mnet kenya reps, eagerly waiting for the artists who had already arrived to make interview runs at some radio and TV stations. That was quite the routine of the day. Alas, enters Denrele all decked-out with stuff you could probably only see on him, talk of custom made outfits – bause.

He was followed by one of the highly anticipated artists of the weekend, the E.M.E. boys and their first lady Niyola sans Wizkid. In true superstar spirit he had to keep us waiting for him one more day and trust me we were willing to wait.

Day 2 was kind of the ‘it’ day. At breakfast I catch a glimpse of Khuli Chana and crew, did I mention that South Africans are like my relations? Before I get caught in the mix of my family tree, let me quickly mention that Khuli is the emcee of the moment, *bows down*, and that I am that much of a lyricist too, heehee call me ‘J to tha’ *scratches*

The press meeting followed by the meet and greet at Alcott gave us a chance to mingle with the fans. Now for us VJs the bodyguard escort, the autograph signing was a bit new but we wore super-stardom in its finest form. Flavia dressed like a mini Kim Kardashian, J-Town – well like the rapper J-Town, Joey as the sexier version of Meagan Goode, Denrele – well let’s say he put Gaga to shame, period! And myself well a feel of bad-gal Riri – BANG! Overall the love from lovers and fans was overwhelming.

Day 3: Osheeee… The day of the recording live-to-tape was more relaxed for us VJs in exception of Den and Joey who had to go through scripts and such. Artists went for rehearsals, I slept (hahaha the beauty of my job at times).

Did I mention Camp Mulla and Wyre yet? They were like our hosts, hailing from Kenya they had ‘at home advantage’ – Love ’em.

The filming was tight, the set amazing, it felt like a mini music awards event. My best performance that day came from Khuli Chana, dude is fayaaaaaa.

Followed by the E.M.E. crew; Wizzy can dance yoh, he had the azonto moves on point, loved it. Young Skales was on point too, oh and Banky, oh Banky was oh so lovely, he gave me different shades of grey, yikes. Overall it was a cool way to prep for the 9th Annual Channel O MVAs. Have you voted for your favorite yet? You should hey, as the competition is mad tight – BEELIEVE. I’m rooting for the youngin’s; Camp Mulla secretly *sssssh*

How could I forget to mention that we were graced by the presence of the hot item off BBA StarGame dubbed Prego hehehe, they came in together – couple alert? For the gazillionth time LOL. Sauti Sol came through, they surely didn’t want to be alone. With some other celebs hailing from Kenya were present as well. Mad cool…..

I had a lil crush on DJ Xclusive (but I think he likes Flavia more, so I’m’a bury that feeling). On that note shout-out to the DJs that made it happen; DJ Creme De La Creme and Joe Mfalme, it was mad real. somebody pass me some advils hehehee….

I’m done yapping, hope you enjoyed the pics…

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