‘You Can Get It’ EXCLUSIVE

We caught up with DJ Switch and chatted about his fourth single (and third video), featuring George Avakian and 9th Annual Channel O Music Video Awards nominee, Pro. Check out the vid for the first time, only on Channel O and Vuzu,.

Tonight Channel O and Vuzu premiere DJ Switch ft. George Avakian and 9th Annual Channel O Music Video Awards nominee, ProYou Can Get It for the first time in Africa. It’s the fourth single and third video from the South African hip-hop deejay and entrepreneur.

We caught up with the man behind the single, DJ Switch, who gave us the lowdown on the video, shot in three locations (The Pyramid Spa, Soweto and in studio) in Joburg.

Tell us about the single
I approached George and we made the beat. We asked Pro to jump in on the verse. It’s part of the The Switch Up project which could turn into a mixtape, album or a compilation under Sid Records.

What’s the concept of the vid?
We looking at any girl who can get it. Pro is a hardcore ghetto-rapper, but on the vid he raps to white girls and George for black-girls.

Please explain this new trend of deejays dropping singles and music videos.
In South Africa we don’t have huge demand with record sales. A deejay dropping an album is risky. DJ Cleo said don’t do albums, drop singles. The trend started, I dropped the first track, Pick A Box with 985 as a young gimmick and it worked. Hip-hop deejays can drop music and it seems to be working, with singles like Toast coming out of the woodwork. Big-ups to Dimplez for that. As a deejay you need to sell yourself and own some property – for longevity. International deejays are recognized for playing their own music – it keeps them relevant. That’s where the idea came from.

A sneak-peak of what happened behind the scenes…

Catch the sneak peak of DJ Switch ft. George Avakian and Pro at the end of Vuzu TV’s V-Entertainment. Catch the full premiere on Channel O tonight at 18:52pm and also at these times; 19:54 & 21:04 and Saturday; 02:04am, 05:36am, 08:03am, 10:08am, 12:52pm, 17:40pm and 20:03.

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