Xtatic Wild video premieres on Channel O & Channel O Africa

Check out the Kenyan rapper’s crispy fresh and innovative vid this Saturday! EXCLUSIVE to Channel O.

Kenyan rapper, songwriter and performer Xtatic will premiere her innovative video for her first single Wild simultaneously on Channel O, Channel O Africa and YouTube this Saturday, October 13.

The vid, directed by Matt Stonier is an edgy up-tempo concept that portrays a stylistic contemporary approach to the two sides of Xtatic – the attitude packed hip-hop rap-girl and the stunning party glam-girl.

The video shows Xtatic going through her transition from her tame side to her wild & animalistic side in a comic-book style approach as hip-hop’s new femcee ‘superhero’.

The single, produced by The Fahrenheitz’ and is the first under her multi-album deal with Sony Music Entertainment Africa.

Check out the sneak-preview.

Listen to the full track, now.

Look out for Wild at these times 01:57am, 10:00am, 11:04am and 17:36pm on Channel O, and at 01:21am, 04:57am, 07:20am and 16:57pm on Channel O Africa. EXCLUSIVE to Channel O.

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