Africa Dreaming

There is a major crisis happening on our continent. An estimated 12million residents of Somalia have been left destitute and in need of aid, following the devastating drought in that country. There are scores of organisations and groups across the continent who have been set up to help those in the Horn Of Africa. Find a few of them below:

This site contains easy to read information about all three regions affected by the famine. It also has easy links for people to donate money. The organization is credible and doing a lot of work on the famine already.

This United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has put up this site to make it easy for people to donate to the Somali refugees affected by the crisis. They are not focused on the other regions however the site is easy to use, gives some information and the organization is very credible.
This page by the African Union focuses on the AU’s efforts so far in resolving the famine. It gives information and encourages African Nations to pledge to famine relief. There is also an easy-to-use link for individuals to donate.
Save the children focuses on the health and aid of children in the region. The site explains STCs efforts so far and suggests a donation of “a Dollar a Day for 100 days.” Also easy to use and a very credible organization.

If you are involved with a group or organisation, leave us a comment below with the details and we’ll be sure to update this list.

Some of our continent’s biggest names have pledged their support to this campaign.



As part of Channel O’s Africa Dreaming concept, the artists above read out a Somalia Poem. It reads:


Poem For Somalia and Horn of Africa with Africa Dreaming insert

Tell me what’s the meaning of love?

Would you eat in front of your neighbour and watch him starve?


Tell me what’s the meaning of humanity?

Would you watch a baby die and not do anything?


We are all Africans, from the East to the West

And no one deserves life any less.


And this is not about statistics or numbers

This is about human beings that are dying of hunger.


Its about our brothers, children and mothers

No life should be worth more than another


When a neighbour is hungry, you don’t turn them away.

Because you might be full now, but be hungry the next day.


And right now 12 million Africans are experiencing a famine

It’s up to the rest of us to say that this should never happen


Let’s stand in solidarity And turn the African dream into reality If you are proud to be African, there’s no way around it Because love doesn’t have a colour and pain doesn’t have a language.


I won’t wait around for aid or for something to change Africans act for Africa, that’s the order of the day


We are all neighbours with something left to spare.

I say no one in the village should go hungry, not because we have a lot, but because what little we have we share.


Poem by Maya Wegerif. Beats by Ikon and Show Dem Camp.