Pusha T

2018 has come with a project many critics have named the best work of Pusha T's career, and we are in no position to disagree.

Notwithstanding the string of controversies and stunts that have accompanied the release of Daytona - including the album artwork being an actual photograph of the late Whitney Houston's messy bedroom, and of course the genesis of a multi-bar splaying beef between Pusha and Drake that came with a hilarious invoice, Daytona on and by itself is a beautiful masterpiece showcasing the best in the rapper's lyrical virtuosity.

We also dive into a web of multi-layered Hip Hop cultural references that have skipped an entire generation, as well as masterly productions for Kanye West, who is said to have retreated to a studio in Wyoming to start laying down samples and concepts for this and a few other albums for the GOOD Music fraternity.

The result is a 7-track classic that marks a refreshing departure from trap (Pusha says he loves where Hip Hop is right now though) and, with focus on classic samples and solid bars, Pusha takes us on a loop-worthy odyssey into his seldom explored world. 

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